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Largest places in Turkey

The largest cities and places in Turkey at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Turkey.

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Largest places in Turkey
Istanbul İstanbul1.Istanbul Istanbul11,174,257
Ankara Ankara2.Ankara Ankara3,517,182
Izmir İzmir3.Izmir İzmir2,500,603
Bursa Bursa4.Bursa Bursa1,412,701
Adana Adana5.Adana Adana1,248,988
Gaziantep Gaziantep6.Gaziantep Gaziantep1,065,975
Konya Konya7.Konya Konya875,530
Cankaya Çankaya8.Ankara Ankara792,189
Antalya Antalya9.Antalya Antalya758,188
Bagcilar Bağcılar10.Istanbul Istanbul724,270
Diyarbakir Diyarbakır11.Diyarbakir Diyarbakır644,763
Kayseri Kayseri12.Kayseri Kayseri592,840
UEskuedar Üsküdar13.Istanbul Istanbul582,666
Bahcelievler Bahçelievler14.Istanbul Istanbul576,799
Umraniye Umraniye15.Istanbul Istanbul573,265
Mercin Mercin16.Mersin Mersin537,842
Esenler Esenler17.Istanbul Istanbul520,235
Eskisehir Eskişehir18.Eskisehir Eskişehir514,869
Karabaglar Karabağlar19.Izmir İzmir458,000
Muratpasa Muratpaşa20.Antalya Antalya450,000
Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa21.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa449,549
Malatya Malatya22.Malatya Malatya441,805
Sultangazi Sultangazi23.Istanbul Istanbul436,935
Maltepe Maltepe24.Istanbul Istanbul427,040
Erzurum Erzurum25.Erzurum Erzurum420,691
Samsun Samsun26.Samsun Samsun394,050
Batman Batman27.Batman Batman381,990
Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaraş28.Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaraş376,045
Van Van29.Van Van371,713
Atasehir Ataşehir30.Istanbul Istanbul361,615
Sisli Şişli31.Istanbul Istanbul314,684
Denizli Denizli32.Denizli Denizli313,238
Batikent Batikent33.Ankara Ankara300,000
Elazig Elazığ34.Elazig Elazığ298,004
Zeytinburnu Zeytinburnu35.Istanbul Istanbul288,743
Adapazari Adapazarı36.Sakarya Sakarya286,787
Sultanbeyli Sultanbeyli37.Istanbul Istanbul286,622
Gebze Gebze38.Kocaeli Kocaeli281,436
Sivas Sivas39.Sivas Sivas264,022
Tarsus Tarsus40.Mersin Mersin256,482
Trabzon Trabzon41.Trabzon Trabzon244,083
Manisa Manisa42.Manisa Manisa243,971
Sancaktepe Sancaktepe43.Istanbul Istanbul241,000
Balikesir Balıkesir44.Balikesir Balıkesir238,151
Adiyaman Adıyaman45.Adiyaman Adıyaman223,744
Esenyurt Esenyurt46.Istanbul Istanbul211,330
Kirikkale Kırıkkale47.Kirikkale Kırıkkale211,138
Antakya Antakya48.Hatay Hatay210,000
Osmaniye Osmaniye49.Osmaniye Osmaniye202,837
Corlu Çorlu50.Tekirdag Tekirdağ202,578

1 - 50 of 500 places
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