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Places in Turkey with KY

Search and find places in Turkey with first letters KY.

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Alphabetical index of places in Turkey with KY

There are 29 places in Turkey beginning with 'KY' (in alphabetical order).
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Kyalyuk   to   Kyvris
Places in Turkey with KY
Kyalyuk Kyalyuk1.Sirnak Şırnak-
Kyanisipi Kyanisipi2.Mardin Mardin852
Kyrdzhuva Kyrdzhuva3.Hatay Hatay-
Kyrkveran Kyrkveran4.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kytmiran Kytmiran5.Diyarbakir Diyarbakır135
Kyuchnish Kyuchnish6.Siirt Siirt-
Kyuchyuk-Agadzhi Kyuchyuk-Agadzhi7.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Atmenek Kyuchyuk-Atmenek8.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Avare Kyuchyuk-Avare9.Hatay Hatay-
Kyuchyuk-Byykyr Kyuchyuk-Byykyr10.Kilis Kilis-
Kyuchyuk-Byykyr Kyuchyuk-Byykyr11.Kilis Kilis-
Kyuchyuk-Dzhafer Kyuchyuk-Dzhafer12.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Dzhana Kyuchyuk-Dzhana13.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Eshme Kyuchyuk-Eshme14.Gaziantep Gaziantep-
Kyuchyuk-Fatmadzhik Kyuchyuk-Fatmadzhik15.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Istanbul Kyuchyuk-Istanbul16.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Karadzhaviran Kyuchyuk-Karadzhaviran17.Gaziantep Gaziantep-
Kyuchyuk-Karadzhaviran Kyuchyuk-Karadzhaviran18.Gaziantep Gaziantep76
Kyuchyuk-Khoseynbey-Banysy Kyuchyuk-Khoseynbey-Banysy19.Hatay Hatay-
Kyuchyuk-Kirmiti Kyuchyuk-Kirmiti20.Hatay Hatay-
Kyuchyuk-Naneli Kyuchyuk-Naneli21.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuchyuk-Ova Kyuchyuk-Ova22.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa211
Kyuchyuk-Shervan Kyuchyuk-Shervan23.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyufryukhas Kyufryukhas24.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyullyuk Kyullyuk25.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kyuredzhi Kyuredzhi26.Hatay Hatay-
Kyurtler Kyurtler27.Hatay Hatay-
Kyurtyundzhyu Kyurtyundzhyu28.Kilis Kilis-
Kyvris Kyvris29.Van Van-

1 - 29 of 29 places