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Places in Turkey with KH

Search and find places in Turkey with first letters KH.

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Alphabetical index of places in Turkey with KH

There are 26 places in Turkey beginning with 'KH' (in alphabetical order).
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Khabeshtyuydyu   to   Khyuseynli
Places in Turkey with KH
Khabeshtyuydyu Khabeshtyuydyu1.Hatay Hatay-
Khachanis Khachanis2.Van Van-
Khadzhiomar Khadzhiomar3.Hatay Hatay-
Khadzhioz Khadzhioz4.Siirt Siirt-
Khakyal Khakyal5.Mardin Mardin184
Khakyan Khakyan6.Van Van-
Khanjarah Khanjarah7.Cankiri Çankırı71,379
Kharabekhadzhi Kharabekhadzhi8.Mardin Mardin438
Kharabeyashk Kharabeyashk9.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kharalmishki Kharalmishki10.Mardin Mardin-
Kharamresh Kharamresh11.Mardin Mardin-
Kharapkyar Kharapkyar12.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kharapresh Kharapresh13.Sirnak Şırnak-
Kharapresh-Bodzhiyan Kharapresh-Bodzhiyan14.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Kharapreshik Kharapreshik15.Mardin Mardin-
Kharapreshk Kharapreshk16.Mardin Mardin-
Khendyuk Khendyuk17.Batman Batman-
Khirre Khirre18.Batman Batman-
Khirsiz-Pinar Khirsiz-Pinar19.Hatay Hatay-
Khishabi Khishabi20.Hatay Hatay-
Khishat Khishat21.Van Van-
Khodzhiali Khodzhiali22.Mardin Mardin-
Khyrbekhalit Khyrbekhalit23.Mardin Mardin-
Khyrbeta Khyrbeta24.Batman Batman84
Khyulyumen Khyulyumen25.Gaziantep Gaziantep239
Khyuseynli Khyuseynli26.Hatay Hatay-

1 - 26 of 26 places