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Places in Turkey with DE

Search and find places in Turkey with first letters DE.

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Alphabetical index of places in Turkey with DE

There are 1.344 places in Turkey beginning with 'DE' (in alphabetical order).
51 - 100 of 1344 places
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Places in Turkey with DE
Dedeler Dedeler51.Canakkale Province Çanakkale Province-
Dedeler Dedeler52.Duzce Düzce-
Dedeler Dedeler53.Gaziantep Gaziantep-
Dedeler Dedeler54.Hakkari Hakkâri-
Dedeler Dedeler55.Konya Konya-
Dedeler Dedeler56.Kuetahya Kütahya-
Dedeler Dedeler57.Manisa Manisa-
Dedeler Dedeler58.Mersin Mersin-
Dedeler Dedeler59.Mersin Mersin-
Dedeler Dedeler60.Mugla Muğla-
Dedeler Dedeler61.Sakarya Sakarya-
Dedeler Dedeler62.Sirnak Şırnak-
Dedeler Dedeler63.Zonguldak Zonguldak-
Dedeli Dedeli64.Agri Ağrı-
Dedeli Dedeli65.Giresun Giresun-
Dedeli Dedeli66.Gumushane Gümüşhane-
Dedeli Dedeli67.Kirsehir Kırşehir-
Dedeli Dedeli68.Konya Konya187
Dedeli Dedeli69.Manisa Manisa-
Dedeli Dedeli70.Ordu Ordu-
Dedeli Dedeli71.Samsun Samsun-
Dedeli Dedeli72.Sivas Sivas-
Dedeli Dedeli73.Tokat Tokat-
Dedeli Dedeli74.Yozgat Yozgat-
Dedem Dedem75.Kastamonu Kastamonu-
Dedemaksut Dedemaksut76.Agri Ağrı-
Dedemli Dedemli77.Hatay Hatay-
Dedemli Dedemli78.Konya Konya-
Dedemoglu Dedemoğlu79.Konya Konya-
Dedeoba Dedeoba80.Balikesir Balıkesir-
Dedeoglu Dedeoğlu81.Erzincan Erzincan-
Dedeoglu Dedeoğlu82.Zonguldak Zonguldak-
Dedeoren Dedeören83.Balikesir Balıkesir-
Dedeoren Dedeören84.Erzurum Erzurum-
Dedeoren Dedeören85.Sirnak Şırnak-
Dedepasa Dedepaşa86.Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaraş-
Dedepinari Dedepınarı87.Adana Adana-
Dedepinari Dedepınarı88.Corum Çorum-
Dedepinari Dedepınarı89.Elazig Elazığ-
Dedesen Dedeşen90.Ardahan Ardahan-
Dedesen Dedeşen91.Ardahan Ardahan-
Dedeyazi Dedeyazı92.Malatya Malatya-
Dedeyolu Dedeyolu93.Elazig Elazığ-
Dedeyolu Dedeyolu94.Gumushane Gümüşhane-
Dedeyurt Dedeyurt95.Erzincan Erzincan-
Dedik Dedik96.Kuetahya Kütahya-
Deeger Deeğer97.Mersin Mersin-
Defterdar Defterdar98.Sanliurfa Şanlıurfa-
Degerli Değerli99.Hakkari Hakkâri-
Degerli Değerli100.Mardin Mardin-

51 - 100 of 1344 places
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