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Largest places in Turkey

The largest cities and places in Turkey at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Turkey.

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Largest places in Turkey
Adana Adana1.Adana Adana1,248,988
Ceyhan Ceyhan2.Adana Adana96,303
Kozan Kozan3.Adana Adana88,115
Kadirli Kadirli4.Adana Adana70,248
Imamoglu İmamoğlu5.Adana Adana31,916
Bahce Bahçe6.Adana Adana19,566
Pozanti Pozantı7.Adana Adana10,517
Adiyaman Adıyaman8.Adiyaman Adıyaman223,744
Kahta Kâhta9.Adiyaman Adıyaman73,105
Besni Besni10.Adiyaman Adıyaman41,892
Golbasi Gölbaşı11.Adiyaman Adıyaman28,078
Celikhan Çelikhan12.Adiyaman Adıyaman12,961
Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar13.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar146,136
Bolvadin Bolvadin14.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar55,870
Sandikli Sandıklı15.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar42,981
Dinar Dinar16.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar35,359
Cay Çay17.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar34,215
Emirdag Emirdağ18.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar20,063
Suhut Şuhut19.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar13,842
Iscehisar İscehisar20.Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar11,809
Agri Ağrı21.Agri Ağrı92,022
Patnos Patnos22.Agri Ağrı87,451
Dogubayazit Doğubayazıt23.Agri Ağrı70,171
Eleskirt Eleşkirt24.Agri Ağrı18,769
Diyadin Diyadin25.Agri Ağrı18,172
Aksaray Aksaray26.Aksaray Aksaray152,201
Ortakoy Ortaköy27.Aksaray Aksaray31,144
Amasya Amasya28.Amasya Amasya82,896
Merzifon Merzifon29.Amasya Amasya50,658
Suluova Suluova30.Amasya Amasya47,572
Tasova Taşova31.Amasya Amasya19,253
Gumushacikoy Gümüşhacıköy32.Amasya Amasya14,734
Ankara Ankara33.Ankara Ankara3,517,182
Cankaya Çankaya34.Ankara Ankara792,189
Batikent Batikent35.Ankara Ankara300,000
Polatli Polatlı36.Ankara Ankara93,262
Cubuk Çubuk37.Ankara Ankara62,602
Sereflikochisar Şereflikoçhisar38.Ankara Ankara44,101
Beypazari Beypazarı39.Ankara Ankara38,769
Elmadag Elmadağ40.Ankara Ankara25,394
Kazan Kazan41.Ankara Ankara23,889
Nallihan Nallıhan42.Ankara Ankara19,106
Kizilcahamam Kızılcahamam43.Ankara Ankara17,975
Kalecik Kalecik44.Ankara Ankara12,932
Altpinar Altpınar45.Ankara Ankara12,925
Camlidere Çamlıdere46.Ankara Ankara12,484
Haymana Haymana47.Ankara Ankara11,896
Akyurt Akyurt48.Ankara Ankara11,301
Antalya Antalya49.Antalya Antalya758,188
Muratpasa Muratpaşa50.Antalya Antalya450,000

1 - 50 of 500 places
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